Sunday 15 May 2016

How to stop self-talk

Swami Chinmayanandaji says :

Let us assume, when I close my eyes, I see thoughts like: The servant left this morning; who will cook food for me in the evening? Should I go to a hotel to have my dinner? But the food is not good there…

But, I want to meditate. Why can't I stop this talking to myself? How noisy is my bosom due to this constant chattering? To stop this talking to yourself is meditation. You can't do it? Alright, we shall tackle it from another angle.

A thought arises in the mind. I say 'not this', meaning thereby that I am not the thought, but the onlooker. It comes again, and again I say 'not this'. In this manner, whenever there is any movement anywhere in me, I look on and say 'not this', and the change subsidies, the thought disappears. Gradually, a time comes when no thought is there, and you, as the onlooker, are also gone. What remains is consciousness itself. This is meditation.

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