Monday 9 May 2016

Be a Witness

Swami Chinmayanandaji continues......

The witness (drasta), looks on passively but consciously, with acute alertness. It never participates in that which is looked at. It stands aloof and separate, a step away, as it were. The seen is 'there' and not 'here'. See the mind in operation. It is drsya, you are drasta. Look at it, don't deny or assert.

I assume the attitude of a police officer. I am in my uniform and get into a bus. At the seat in front of me, a pickpocket lets his hand slip into the pocket of a co-traveller and then looks around. He finds me looking at this mischief. He withdraws his hand empty. He turns pale and sits frozen until the end of the journey. I look on, and that is sufficient.

Similarly, on the road, you see the buses, cars, scooters, bicycles and the people going about. They come and go. The road remains as it is. Whether there is traffic or not, it lies quietly, unmoving and unchanging.

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