Thursday 26 May 2016

Learning from 'A bowl of milk...'

Is there any learning from 'A bowl of milk and a spoonful sugar'?

Following few points can be pondered over.

The first thing we learn is that everyone of us is sugar, and milk is the larger whole of which we are or want to be a part. Just as it is natural for sugar to dissolve in milk and become, so to speak, fully integrated into the milk-structure, it is natural for us to 'dissolve' into a group be it a family, community, nation, or the world as a whole and be fully integrated with it.

The second thing we learn is that by dissolving into a group, we don't lose our individuality. Sugar doesn't lose its nature when it dissolves in milk. It not only retains its sweetness, but also makes the milk sweet. Similarly, it is possible for us to dissolve in a group without losing our true nature. Not only do we not lose anything, we also make a positive contribution to the group by our dissolved presence.

The third thing we learn is that by dissolving, we open ourselves to other healthy, nourishing elements present in the solution. Thus we not only contribute to the group, but we also get a lot of things from the group. It's a two-way traffic.

The fourth thing , we have to learn is that in order to dissolve, we don't have to do anything special. We just have to be our true selves, nothing more, nothing less. Sugar needs to be just sugar in order to dissolve. So integration shouldn't be a problem if we are truly ourselves.

Can we think of some more learning from it? Can it be applied to the society where we live in?

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