Thursday 12 April 2018

Subramaniam Bharathi and Sister Nivedita

यतो धर्म: ततो जय:

Nivedita asked Subramaniam Bharathi to take up 'Vande Mataram' as a divine mantra and unite & empower the enslaved people of Bharat.

When Bharathi took leave of Nivedita, she blessed him saying that a great future awaited him and that his name would find a place in history. She presented him with a dry leaf that she had brought from the Himalayas which resembled the leaf of the banyan tree.

Bharathi came back to Madras a completely transformed man. when others around him were worshipping different gods and goddesses to fulfill their desires, he saw Bharat Mata alone everywhere and in everything. He started worshipping 'Bharatambika' that is 'Divine Mother Bharat'. When first collection of his patriotic poems was published as 'Swadesh Geetangal- Pat 1' he dedicated it to Sister Nivedita. He wrote in the dedicatory remark :"Like Sri Krishna who conferred on Arjuna the divine knowledge of the Self by giving him the vision of His divine Cosmic form, Devi Nivedita is my guru who bestowed on me true devotion to mother land by unfolding before me the vision of the Cosmic Form of Bharat Mata.'

The second collection of his poems called 'Janma Bhoomi' was also dedicated to Sister Nivedita. 'I dedicate this work to Devi Nivedita, the spiritual daughter of Bhagavan Vivekananda, who showed me in the fraction of a second and without the help of words the nature of pure service to the motherland and the greatness of self-sacrifice.'

Bharathi also wrote :

Nivedita, Mother

Temple consecrated to love

Sun dispelling my soul's darkness

Rain to the parched land of our lives,

Helper of the Helpless, Offering of Grace,

Destructive fire to the evil in men,

My salutations to you, Mother

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