Sunday 15 April 2018

From the letters of Sister Nivedita

यतो धर्म: ततो जय:

17, Bose Para Lane, Bagh Bazaar, Culcutta
[Jan 28, 1903]

To Miss J. Macleod

Indeed, I am glad to work,as Swamiji worked, alone. He cried for men, dear yum. But He did not know that until the curtain had fallen, it would not be clear what was the idea for which he had lived. When that idea should stand revealed, men would flock round Him in millions. As Ramakrishna was unconscious-even so was He, who never dreamt that He was or could be unconscious.

Men come of themselves, now. No one is necessary. He is the magnet-and that draws the steel dust of itself.

To Alberta and Hollister Struges

We have had a Universities Commission lately, which has done its very best to kill all Education, and especially all Science Education.

This is THE point in India's wrongs that fires me -
The right of India to be India.
The right of India to think for herself.
The right of India to knowledge.
Where this not the great grievance, I might be fired by her right to bread-to justice-to other things-but this outweights all.
When one reads the Gita it means very little, apart from national conditions. What a teeming multiform vitality necessitated such a philosophy.

When will the Motherland rise again-the Gita in one hand, and the Sword in the other?

"For the protection of the good, for the destruction of the Evil, for the firm establishment of the national of the national righteousness, I am born again and again" -so the great verse should be translated -and He was born -was He not? -passing only the other day.

But every day it grows more na dmore impossible that to this India Sri Ramakrishna should come again!

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