Sunday 8 April 2018

Letter to Miss J. Macleod - 2

यतो धर्म: ततो जय:

To Miss J. Macleod

Castle Kernan
Jan. 20th 1903, 3P.M.

...I am telling you all this -not because I am ambitious to mould the house in this way-but because the presence of fine American men and women, and their work, would be an immense strength to me-in every possible way.

It would give me shelter against you know what.
It would give strength in India itself.

And the Work-though it might be only Social, and without much Educational behind it, could be vastly helpful-provided it were safeguarded from becoming a finacial burden. Of course I want exquisite refinement and purity. Without these two qualifications all the gold of the Indies will not buy me. But these given, they are all. Nor do I propose a mission for life to anyone-"A winter in Calcutta" is quite sufficient.

I have written very like this to Swami Abhedananda after receiving the letter I speak of. And I write it also to you-so that you may know-in case of enquiry.

Do not think I am now only a machine. And yet I do feel curiously detached from everything but the Work-of which I can never have enough. I eat anythingn now, without a scruple, though I am of course as a matter of practice almost pure vegetarian!


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