Tuesday 10 April 2018

Sister Nivedita: The Dedicated - Who gave her all to India – 44

यतो धर्म: ततो जय:

Nivedita as a writer - 2

In few words, Nivedita could convey many things to the reader. She had so great command over language that even today it is found difficult to translate her complete works so as to encompass in the translation all the nuances, meanings beautifully and effortlessly. Even Nivedita was conscious of the fact that she could say, 'I have attained Samadhi in grammar, whatever I write becomes the language'. She was not only a very good writer but she exerted great influence on the persons of the time some of whom became great literary figures. She was a regularly writing articles in twenty periodicals the subject always being India and her regeneration.

Nivedita exerted tremendous influence on the life of the famous Tamil poet Subrahmanya Bharati. Bharati met Nivedita only once. In that single meeting, she inflamed the spirit of patriotism in him that lasted forever. When Subrahmanya Bharati came to attend the Calcutta Congress in 1906, he met Nivedita. In that first meeting with her, he felt that she was the center of a great power. In the course of discussions, she learned that Bharati was married. She asked. 'Why haven't you come with your wife?' Bharati replied, 'In our society there is no tradition to take out one's wife openly to attend any meeting.' Hearing this, Nivedita flew into a rage and said, 'I am greatly pained to find yet another Indian who doesn't think his wife any better than a slave. What is the value of your education if you cannot raise your women kind to your own level? How can one part of the country achieve independence if the other part is kept enslaved? From now on, do not consider yourself separate from her. As you raise your ownself so also you raise her with the same care, and adore her like a celestial messenger.'

Bharati was overwhelmed. He begged to be pardoned by Nivedita and promised that he would follow each word of her advice in letter and spirit. At the time of taking leave, Nivedita said, blessing him. 'My child, drive away all the barriers from your mind. Get rid of the barbarous separation tendencies of religion, caste and creed. Fill your heart with love, and one day you'll find your name has made a bright place in the pages of history.'

To be continued...

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