Wednesday 1 June 2016

Swamiji on Himself

Swami Vivekananda always followed the custom of speaking in the language understood by all present. A conversation took place between him and Miss Muller: Swamiji said, "I will have a lot of difficult work to do in this life. Compared with last time, there is much more to be done.


"Miss Muller: "One feels like working for some time, but then it becomes troublesome; can a person go on working for a very long time? "But Swamiji seriously and firmly replied, "This time I will work up to the very last moment." Later he said, "In a previous life I was born as Buddha. "Although Miss Muller probably was not much impressed at this, the remark made the other two listeners wonderstruck. He said other things about his past births, in an excited manner. Then his eyes twinkled and he made fun of it all.

Resuming the topic, Swamiji said, "Well I have just begun my work; in America I have just raised one or two waves; a tidal wave must be raised. Society must be turned upside down. The world must be given a new civilization. The world will understand what Power is and why I have come. Compared with the power I showed last time, it will be tremendous.

.....From Swami Vivekananda in London

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