Saturday 25 June 2016

Decision of Sri Ramakrishna

Three decisions
Swami Kailasanandaji tells about three important decisions taken by three people which changed the course of Bharatiya Life.

 Sri Ramakrishna, then known as Gadadhar or endearingly called Gadai, decided not to prosecute his academic studies further at the Chatuspathi or the Sanskrit School started by his revered eldest brother, Sri Ramakumar, at Kamapukur, a suburb of Calcutta, for improving the material prospects of the family. The diminishing returns of income of the family were threatening Ramakumar, the eldest male member of the family; but when he asked Gadadhar with all solicitousness to be diligent in his studies for the sake of all the near and dear ones left behind at Kamarpukur, he was confused with the strange reply he received : 'What shall I do with this bread-winning education, Brother? I will rather go in for that education which will illumine my heart for ever and give me everlasting peace and bliss of mind. I have no interest in this system of education.' We do not know what reaction this reply had on Ramakumar's mind. However, the subsequent history of Sri Ramakrishna's life, as the world knows, shows how faithfully he carried out this resolution, for his personal enlightenment as well as for the edification of humanity.

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