Tuesday 1 September 2015


|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji says : India had such ideal society in which the needs of all were taken care of and therefore it can be again given to the world by Bharat alone. And that is what is the work before us. Eknathji explains
Our ancestors had evolved such a society and with great confidence they could proclaim and invite the people of the world to come and visit this society and to follow its precepts for their well-being.
Manu says:
Etad Desha Prasutasya Sakashadagrajanmanah
Swam swam charitran shiksheran prithivyam Sarva manavah II.20
"All men in the world should learn their own life and conduct from the Brahmin born in this region." The Brahmins, that is the thinkers on sociology, have evolved such an ideal social order that anybody, in this world irrespective of his nationality, religion, colour, faith and creed, can follow the maxims of successful individual life as well as conflict less perfect society. China, Russia and America in the present times are trying their own ideologies, but everything is still in the experimental stage. But this is a fact accomplished by ancient sociologists of our land. Everybody must get food, clothing and shelter, also education and training to lead a successful life and something more. Man is not only body-mind and intellect, but something above this and as such man must be considered as a whole. The yearnings of the inner self also must be satisfied. India has to guide the world for that India needs reconstruction The ancient seers, philosophers, sages visualized all this and have shown the way with full confidence that all men in the world can safely and satisfactorily follow the code of conduct. As Einstein has remarked, India will show the way. It is India's traditional ever existing mission to show the way, for ages we were experimenting and ultimately we had succeeded in evolving the perfect social order. But our efforts to spread and perpetuate the same have been frustrated due to manifold reasons, some of them being extraneous. But we have to take courage and be on our toes to fulfill the mission. This is why ours is a nation-building service mission. The nation has lost its mission, it is to be re-instated, the nation is to be built, and perhaps it is to be reconstructed.

Foreign countries and big powers in the world are in search of peace. India is the land of peace from time immemorial. Foreigners have attacked and tried to ravage the men, land and culture of this nation, but it has never attacked any country. It has sent peace mission and message of higher life to other countries. It is the ordained duty for this land to deliver this message even today to the world. A strife less society will be the supreme and most precious gift that India can give to the world. It will be an unparalleled and inconceivable act of service.

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