Saturday 26 September 2015

Be Anahamvadi

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji next takes up Anhamvadi - ego-less - without ego one should do the work. Ego affects Karyakarta at all stages; so acquire egolessness by constantly reminding yourself that you are an instrument. The ego gives energy, strength and power to work. This ego, self, is to be merged in the Self Supreme. This "I" is liquidated and something great takes its place. Man has to evolve from Tamas to Rajas and from Rajas to Sattva.

Once a visitor requested Swamiji to give him the experience of God-realization. He was such a lazy, passive and inactive person that it was essential to rouse him from subhuman Tamas state to Rajas. Swamiji asked him to steal something first and then come to him.

Unfortunately, for us, many Tamasic things go under the name of Sattvika in our country. This is an insignificant "I" but it works wonders when it takes possession of a person. We are in the habit of constantly referring to the "I" in our talks and people become obsessed by it. Jnaneshwar, the Marathi saint-poet and mystic has rightly indicated that this ego is more with the intellectuals and makes them undergo many a misery. He says
Naval Ahankarachi gothi na lage ajnanachiya pathi
Jhombe jnaniyachiya kanthi nana sankate nachati – Jnaneshwari XIII.82
"Miraculous is the behaviour of this ego. It does not approach an ignorant person but gets upon the neck of an intellectual person and makes him dance to its tunes." It is most difficult to efface this "I". The only way to get rid of it is to treat yourself as a tool of something higher and conjoin yourself with the transcendental. Do not project yourself as the doer of any activity. We find that God having created this marvelously vast universe has hidden Himself. How much more it behoves us to be self-effacing!

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