Saturday 26 September 2015

differentiate bet desires n desires

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji understands the innate nature of every worker. But from there one has to advance, become Sattvik Karta - an Ideal Worker and so striving is very much needed. He therefore says that the intense yearning for God-realization helps to get rid of worldly attachments. Attachment to the worldly things is but the nature of man. We calculate three Eshanas or aspirations of man. (i) Vitteshana or the desire for wealth, (ii) Putreshana or desire for a son, (iii) Lokeshana or desire for fame. There is a fourth aspiration, Adhikareshana or desire for power. The second one is for the sex instinct and for perpetuation of the family. This desire leads to adoption of a son if one has not any. As a matter of fact, one does realize that some aspiration is essential in life which provides the petrol that moves this machine to activity. But there is difference between desires and desires.

The desires of the body-mind complex are to be abandoned as they make a man extrovert and make him run after the objects of the world which are transient. But the desire for God-realization should be an attachment. The attachment for the worldly life should definitely be withdrawn. The bare necessities of life are a must and so long as there is a necessity of keeping body and soul together to achieve a mission, these cannot be abandoned. The physical and mental life must be continued but there should not be lust (Lipsa-Lalasa) for fulfillment of mundane hungers. The aspiration for God-realization is the yearnings of the soul. It is a transcendental aspiration.

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