Monday 21 September 2015

evaluate on touchstone of essential necessity

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji cautions the karyakartas here. He tells them to find out your own grove and not just emotionalise anything or imitate anybody. He says : Though paths are many and lead ultimately to the same goal, still everyone has to evaluate his capacities and potentialities and then select the path. In the framework of the activities to be carried out and austerities to be observed, one should not be carried away just be emotional fervour in the beginning and then be disappointed later on. There should be no occasion at all for any one to repent afterwards for the path chosen or the course followed. Therefore, one must weigh one's strength, hidden aptitudes and possibilities, and if celibacy, though desirable to keep oneself absolutely free for maximum utilization of energies for service, is not possible then one should use the second line of defense and get oneself married. This course of marriage is not with any cravings, but it is just a strategy to guard oneself in the eventuality of a biological necessity. It should be regarded as such and not as embarking on the career of a married life. Lust, possession, ownership, etc., are all out of question here. It is to be treated just as a safety-valve. This married life should be as simple as possible with a few wants, like that of a monk, with minimum necessities of life. Each desire and craving is to be tested and evaluated on the touchstone of essential necessity. It should be a life with no increase in want and no addition to hungers. Aparigraha or non-possession and non-accumulation should be a solemn vow. Even in the company of the better half one must, on comparison, prove to be not less than a Sannyasi in every respect except this one minor factor.

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