Friday 11 September 2015

Universal Brotherhood

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||
Param Poojaneeya Sri Guruji says : Nationalism cannot be destroyed; all attempts to harmonise the national ambitions so far have also utterly failed; and the world is on the brink of a nuclear holocaust. Then, which way lies the salvation for humanity? No answer to this challenge seems to be forthcoming. Thinkers, the world over, are on the horns of a dilemma.
It is the Inner Bond of Harmony which Hindus presented is the real way to solve the Problem. Sri Guruji says :
However, we Hindus have a solution to offer. But our solution is not based on materialism. All the attempts and experiments made so far were based on theories or 'isms' stemming from materialism. And materialism has no answer to the very salient and fundamental question "Why at all should people aspire for world unity and human welfare? Why should they at all feel pained at the sight of man set against man? Why should we at all love each other?" From the materialist point of view we are all gross entities, each separate and exclusive in itself, who can have no bonds of mutual affinity or affection. There can also be no inner restraint in such beings, which can make them control their selfishness from running amuck, in the interest of the humanity as a whole.
After all, any arrangement evolved for achieving world welfare can be fruitful only to the extent the men behind it are inspired by real love for mankind which will enable them to mould their individual and national conduct in tune with the welfare of humanity. Without that supreme urge, any scheme, however good its purpose may be, will only provide one more alluring mask for the aggrandizement of power-drunk nations. That has been the uniform verdict of history right up to the present times.
Our ancient Hindu philosophers, therefore, had turned their gaze to a plane higher than materialism. They delved deep into the mysteries of the human soul, well beyond the reach of material science, and discovered the Ultimate Reality, which pervades all Creation, the one great common principle present in all beings, whatever the name we may give it-Soul, God, Truth, Reality or Nothingness. It is the occasional realisation of this common entity, that inspires us to strive for the happiness of others. The 'I' in me, being the same as the 'I' in the other beings, makes me react to the joys and sorrows of my fellow living beings just as I react to my own. This genuine feeling of identity born out of the community of the inner entity is the real driving force behind our natural urge for human unity and brotherhood. Thus it is evident, that world unity and human welfare can be made real, only to the extent mankind realises this common Inner Bond, which alone can subdue the passions and discords stemming from materialism, broaden the horizon of the human mind and harmonise the individual and national aspirations with the welfare of mankind.

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