Friday 18 September 2015

God Realisation thru WORK

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

What is meant by Non-Sanyasi? Mananeeya Eknathji explains this. He says : Non-Sanyasi means no external appearance of a Sanyasi but Sanyasi in mind
Ours is and shall be a Non-Sannyasi order. Why not call it a householder (Grihastha) order? There is sound reason for this. Though technically, so far as the external appearance is concerned, we shall not be Sannyasis, still we will be Sannyasis in mind. We may not have the injunctions and bans and bindings that Sannyasi has to observe, but excepting this, we shall not be less than Sannyasis in any respect. We do not even aspire to be Sannyasis at any time. Our plan of life is God-realization but it shall essentially be through work, worship, psychic control and philosophy. We do not reject Sannyasa in toto. We shall make use of it whenever and wherever possible and necessary.
Our God-realization shall be predominantly through work only. Here saffron-coloured clothes command respect in society and according to convention saffron-coloured clothes deserve and demand service, but we want to mix with the people in the society as one of them and offer them the best possible service. So clothes of a Sannyasi would be an obstacle. They create a distance between the individual and the society. We want no distance, no inhibition, and no separateness. Then only we can render service. We have no personal or family life, no personal career and cravings.
For dedicated service to the cause, we have renounced everything and if the robes become a hindrance, we will renounce even the clothes of a Sannyasi. Our dedication shall be pure and clean as the white clothes themselves. We must be free from all bindings and hindrances; we must be as free as air so that we can move with ease and confidence. The more free we are, the more able we will be to serve. Of course, the bare necessities of life, to maintain the body in a good condition, we shall have only as an apad-dharma (an act of urgent necessity), to enable us to achieve the goal.

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