Monday 28 September 2015

work for work's sake

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji tells to be an instrument in the hands of Divine, - the Organisation to take care of the ego that keeps disturbing. He further says the attitude towards work is - siddhya- asiddhyo nirvikarah - Work for work's sake
There is an eternal desire for the fruit of actions and it is the urge that impels a person to strive for success. If success is not desired, the student will not study his lessons. If there is no ambition for victory in the battle, the General of the Army will be inactive. But the philosophy here is that we work only for success. There is greater pleasure and blessedness in working for work's sake. The question of failure or defeat does not arise. Effort in no case is inferior to either victory or success, it is not less important. Do the work chosen by you or entrusted to you, to the best of your capacity and aspire for the highest goal. In a drama when one plays the role, one has to identify oneself with the role. It may be the role of Rama or Ravana or Hanuman. After the drama is over one does not think about the role.
Take delight in the work then, success and failure will not affect. In your life-mission, do your duty with zeal, enthusiasm and firmness, getting neither elated by success nor dejected by failure. People may comment, criticize or appreciate. It is left to them. In fact, they have no locus-standi to criticize or appreciate, because they do not have the proper perspective of the situation. Hence, they have no right to evaluate and to judge. It is not their sphere at all. Have delight in the work you do and be indifferent to censure and praise, success and failure.
Tulya Ninda stutihi…- Bhagavad Gita XII.19
Sama sidhdhavsidhau cha … - Bhagavad Gita IV.22

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