Wednesday 16 September 2015

A Non-Sannyasi Organisation

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji now tells us another speciality of our Organisation - Vivekananda Kendra. He says, ours is a Non-Sannyasi Order. He further says :

One outstanding feature of our organization is that it is a Non-Sannyasi or Lay-Order. What is meant by Sannyasa? It is a Sanskrit word and it has its traditional connotation and concept. It generally means renunciation of mundane life. The total abstinence from the pursuit of the sense-pleasures and complete devotion to God realization are the obverse and reverse sides of the coin. It is a different life from the ordinary one.
Here we need to know the difference between needs and cravings. Eknathji says :  Our life is projected by the basic bodily needs for sustenance such as food, and shelter is necessary to protect oneself from heat, cold, wind, rain and against dangers. These are the basic wants and vital necessities. But apart from wants, there are cravings in the life of a man and they are different from needs. Desire for a particular type of food, sexual hunger and such other hankerings are cravings and not wants. Sexual hunger is described as a biological need, but it is not a thing without which man cannot live. Wants are most essential for survival, but cravings are not; one can live without a craving. One will not die if one does not have costly, attractive dress or savings or house or similar possessions. These cravings are innumerable and a permutation and combination of them presents a good picture. They arise out of a sense of possessing or owning something.

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