Monday 31 August 2015


|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji tells here the work that the Kendra is to do. He says : Establishing an ideal social order is the highest form of service. Over and above these three categories of service, there is a fourth category which is the supreme one. If a whole people in some corner of the globe successfully evolve a satisfactory social order that can provide abundant opportunities to each of the constituents to meet the basic needs of the body-mind complex and allow him to fulfill the inner aspirations, it would be the supreme act of service
Yatobhyuday Nishshreyas sidhdhi sa Dharma Gautam-Nyaya Sutra
 It would be remembered in the pages of human history. It would be the right and perfect social order. All would be leading a community life and there would be no room for cut-throat competitions, exploitations and such other harmful traits of life. It would cooperative like the limbs of the body. The limbs of the body have no quarrel or conflict or competition amongst themselves and all strive to make the life a success. No grudge that the stomach has avarice and is exploiting limbs. It receives, but only for proper distribution of energy to each and every limb and particle of the body. Under such circumstances class-war has no scope at all. People in the world are striving for such an ideal society. They want it. Herculean efforts are being made all over the world and every school of thought is trying to evolve such a society. A society in which there will be balanced social relations, happy and satisfactory social order, freedom from exploitation is most urgently wanted today. The ideal society must fulfill the needs of the body-mind complex; at the same time it must satisfy the yearnings of the inner being of man.

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