Saturday 29 August 2015

Common vision - aspirations

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Having said about an individual, Eknathji tells us about the Society, Nation. The very important attributes that make the society or a group of people nation is Common vision to interpret things around and common aspirations make a nation
A society is a society, if it has an objective or a goal; otherwise it is a group of people or a herd of human animals. Such a group has no committed life. The people do not stand together for a cause and thus they are not a nation. All the constituents of the group must have the group-consciousness in them and must hold together for the achievement of the goal; then only can they be called a nation, - similarity of aspiration gives the society a meaning as a nation. A corporate life and a capacity to penetrate into the things around and a common goal to be reached by all are the other features. Today we find that the people who were once nomads have evolved into a nation. It is not only a desire to survive together in a group but something higher than that. Animals also live together in a group, only to survive in a group, but they do not have the group consciousness. If a danger is seen they run away individually instead of facing it together as a group.

So, we all as a nation have group consciousness, common vision and common aspirations.

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