Friday 7 August 2015

Understand the nature of desires

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji says that the gradations of service do not differ in quality but in level in which they exist and therefore understanding them is very very important. He further says :

These three gradations do not differ in quality only but they stand on different levels or planes themselves. There exists a class of people in the society to whom the primary needs of life are denied, perhaps they are deprived of the needs. They become so low that they are prepared to eat any dirty thing anywhere and at any time just to fill in the cavity in the belly. Such people exist everywhere and they come and confront us at every step. Such people engage our first attention and it is essential to fulfill their needs first.
In the second class, the people have their primary needs satisfied. They are not in need of help on that account. But the mind does not halt at the satisfaction of primary want. The desires and hungers are on an increasing scale and they go on multiplying, because of lack of proper knowledge and guidance. Every time they go out from the house and return, they bring two more wants adding to their stock of already unsatisfied desires. For them higher standard of living implies higher standard of wants. They consider themselves to be cultured, sophisticated and civilized only on the basis of more comforts and still more luxuries in life. The axiom for them appears to be that a multiplicity of wants indicates a higher standard of life and a better culture. Even when one set of wants is satisfied, the mind does not stop there. It goes on bringing forth a new set of wants and as a matter of fact and experience, it is well known that the desires are not satisfied by the fulfillment of them. Like the fire into which ghee is poured, the desires go on ever increasing and flaring up.

The wants are a quenchless fire. They are never satisfied. Satisfaction of one desire breeds new desires and this, as an unending trail, goes on. Secular knowledge can satisfy only secular want. The desires increase ad-infinitum and it is impossible for anybody to satisfy them.

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