Saturday 1 August 2015

Transform oneself

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji tells workers the necessity of transforming oneself and becoming a fit instrument. He says :

Everybody is in a continuous process of transforming himself to accommodate himself in the group and thus helps the transformation of others also. They put in maximum effort to become fit, useful and beneficent instrument for the fulfillment of the goal and as a result more love, mutual respect and close affinity with them is developed. Their lives become the concentric circles moving round the same points and converging towards the same goal. Though moving in different radii, in different planes, regions, directions and velocity, they are all moving round the same centre of their objective.

Ekntahji says that once this attitude is developed, the workers enjoy the happiest relationship with one another. In a missionary organisation not only everybody vies with one another to give, who can give more,vying with one another to give. In the whole world you will find people vying with one another to take, to grab, if somebody is required to give, if possible you should grab them, grab, grab,grab. When you join missionary organization then you vie with one another to give. You give your blood, you give everything, you give time, you give your energy, you give all your intellect and all your genius for the cause. Then not only giving what you possess but you tend to acquire more and more so that you can give more. This constant transformation, the constant struggle to gain more and more enables you to give more and more.There develops this mutual relationship because of this one goal binding all of us. That everybody's development, everybody's success is in the interest of others. .. Everybody is interested in the development of others, so the happy relationship ensues.

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