Saturday 1 August 2015

Be goal oriented

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji says, in a missionary organisation, all constituents are goal-oriented

Another important characteristic of a missionary organization is that there is a well-defined objective around which all have come together of their own will. And therefore, they all look to the same goal. In Navagraha shrines, all the grahas (idols of the planets) are so placed that no two of them face each other. In the organization, also hardly any two constituents face each other. For their eyes are fixed on the centre and their faces are concentric. They all look to the same centre or goal. The natural consequence of this is that they all tend to have more and more adjustment and accommodation. A close affinity is established and finding the faults of others is forgotten. Shortcomings, misgivings, and such other minor things are minimized and sometimes overlooked.

Eknathji very beautifully says : In the missionary organisation, mutual relationship of the members, of the constituents is of a different type. If we ere to prepare a diagram of the missionary organisation, missionary organisation means its members. If we were to depict it by way of a diagram, hundreds and thousands and millions of people joining the mission. Now what will be the diagram? diagram may be millions of concentric circles. One centre. One center and circles. Millions, millions, doesn't matter. One centre. All look at the same center. They are all concentric. Not like Navagrahas. They are all concentric. All people looking at the same center and therefore, the relationship is of a different order. All these concentric circles because they have got one center, all look at the same center. So they enjoy the happiest relationship with one another.

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