Friday 21 August 2015

Recognize Ishvara

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Eknathji also suggests to cultivate a certain attitude, which comes from recognizing, 'This karma  done by Ishvara, not by me.' In that you deflate your ahankara and attribute the very karma to Ishvara. That is also 'madartham karma'. Through His attributes alone my legs are able to move, my tongue is able to talk, this mind is able to think; it is all Ishvara. My body, senses and mind are all instruments for Ishvara to play his symphony of life. One who appreciates this is also ' matkarmaparama.' Ishvara  has Prakriti under his control and that Prakriti, which is my nature, is not created by me. It is all Ishvara. The creation and the Creator being non‑separate, Ishvara in the form of Prakriti does everything. Ishvara as the sun, shines; as the earth, bears life and so too, Ishvara as the senses, body, mind, etc., does various actions. I perform no action.

All this ultimately will make you to overcome your ahamkara, the likes and dislikes and follow the Dharma which is Ishvara Thus, doing work for the sake of God, as His instruments is to be understood. Tav eva karyartham....., tav eva ashisham .... etc also stresses the point of working for the sake of God.

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