Friday 28 August 2015

MM-NB organisation

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji says : The Kendra is a man-making and nation-building organization. The Kendra is an organization for national reconstruction. When we speak of reconstruction, the idea strikes our mind that a construction is already existing, but in the course of time, a few defects and deficiencies have been noticed in it and hence the need for reconstruction. Building a nation indicates that there did not exist any nation thus far and due to changes in the political ideologies, a new nation has to come into existence. We find this in the case of so many new nations that have arisen during the past decade. But how can it be said about a nation, which, it is claimed by the historians as being a nation, not for a few centuries but, for many millenniums. What is true of an individual can equally be said of a nation also.
Here Eknathji further clarifies the inputs in Man making first and then applies the same to Nation Building. He says : Mission is important to mould a man as well as nation. A man may physically exist for years together, but he does not live a life if he has no purpose or mission in life. He is a man without personality. It is the purpose of life that yields personality to the individual. He lives a moment-to-moment life and hops from one desire to another, none of them fully satisfied or one arising out of the other. He spends all his life in fulfilling his desires and has no noble goal before him. But a man of purpose utilizes his life to accomplish his mission. Such is a purposive life; otherwise it is an aimless wanderer's life. A vagabond can be thus described. He has no destination and he has not begun his life yet even though he breathes, eats, drinks, sleeps and does all actions for a physical existence. The moment the purpose or a mission dawns upon him, he is born as a man and he acquires personality. There is a definite code of conduct for the achievement of his goal and his life becomes meaningful. The same is the case of a society.

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