Sunday 2 August 2015

Team dynamics

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji guides us and tells that all of you should work TOGETHER. In togetherness, TEAM, there is a great strength and that you will experience when you start practicing it. He gives a very beautiful example. He says :

When we work in a Team, if anybody fails, others will try to lift him up. They will consider it their duty to do it. You might have seen, on a slippery ground when we have to walk, wee do it with the device of going hand in hand. If there is rain and there is lot of mud we have to cross, so we go hand in hand. What is the idea? Idea is if twenty people go hand in hand, seldom it happens that all the twenty people slip at the same moment. It seldom happens. It may happen that one slips, then the other nineteen people are there; they will pick him up. They will not allow him to slip. They won't allow him to slip. They will lift him up. The other nineteen will not think that,' well, now my dear friend has sat down, so I feel it is my duty that I also slip.' No. They are hand in hand; they are wedded to the cause, not to each other. 'Because he has slipped, I will also slip, because I am a good friend of him' - No! If he has slipped, all the more duty bound you are to see that he is lifted up and you don't allow him to slip.

This secret of Team work, Togetherness if well understood, being with people, going with people will never be a problem but a good company of a co-traveller on the path of Dhyeyamarg.

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