Friday 17 July 2015

Where-When-What thru Letters

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji always used Where-When-What to talk and especially during the construction of Vivekananda Rock Memorial phase we find umpteen examples of the same. In one of the letter re. budget he cautions the people in the office not to raise the point at this juncture. His letter on the point is really wonderful. He writes :



Dear Shri R.N. Venkataraman,

Saprema Namaskar.


Received your letter dated 29th July, together with enclosures.


There is, no doubt, an urgent necessity of preparing a detailed estimate, and rearranging, if necessary, all the items of expenditure under proper heads and sub-heads. We should, therefore, start the work immediately with the help of some expert. But, I do not think that the whole work could be accomplished to our satisfaction within the prescribed period of a month, i.e. before the General Body meeting. Whomsoever you may select for this job, he has to consult our Sthapathi also in the matter.


It may also be necessary to revise the estimate-not only on account of rising prices but also due to many other factors. But, we should do it a little later. The made of transport of the stone to the Rock island is yet to be finalized. Even the jetty construction work is still having fire and we do not know how much more financial burden we shall have to bear on that account. The stage, therefore, has yet to come when we shall be able to form a fairly correct idea about the estimate of the ultimate cost.


In any case I do not consider it possible or even desirable to discuss the matter in the ensuing General Body meeting. The report of the General Body meeting is to be subsequently sent to the members all over the country. I do not think it wise to spread an unnecessary scare among our workers all over the country about a possible rise in our present estimate which is considered already heavy, by bringing the subject for discussion in the meeting. If, after properly collecting all the necessary date and calculating the costs on its basis, at a later date, any increase in the present estimate is considered unavoidable we shall certainly apprise all our workers of the same at that stage. My personal feeling is, other things being equal, our estimate is not likely to rise on account of rising prices. We had already kept a margin for such a probable rise in prices, while preparing the budget. I, therefore, feel that neither should we include the subject in the agenda nor should we think of bringing it for discussion in the ensuing General Body meeting. If found necessary, we can bring the subject in the General Body Meeting of 1967.


Please convey my respectful Pranams to all elders.


Yours affectionately,

Eknath Ranade.

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