Thursday 2 July 2015

Training of Cadre

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji  impresses about the training of the cadre. It is the training that makes them robust. But it is a gradual process and need to be done with all care and concern as these are human beings.

constant flow of raw material in the form of human element is essential. Every organization has its own devices to choose the proper raw material. As a person requiring iron, can take a big magnet and move it round about, so that the magnet attracts the iron, so the organization has to attract the workers. But utmost care has to be taken to keep away the unwanted material. Otherwise the time and the energy, taken in the efforts yield no dividends. The devices and the processes of one organization differ from those of another organization and they cannot be copied. The requirements and the objectives of organizations differ depending upon their character and complexion.

Every organization has to go through the trial and error method until it ultimately comes to fix its process. The persons recruited are put to different tests such as responsibility response, way of thinking; implementation, adjustment to environments etc. and they are adjusted according to willingness, even to offer their life for the ideology they have accepted. This process of testing requires patience. Haste becomes waste and the organizations suffer. Patience pays in progress and success of the organization. The personnel of the cadre thus selected become the standard of the organization. Even hundred men of a lower level will not do the work of ten such people of the cadre, who can be at the helm of affairs. Thus cadre formation is a phased programme and cannot be carried out in haste. Different ordeals have to be gone through.

Only persons of sterling merit, caliber and determination should be selected to form a cadre. Such people live the ideals of the organization. Booklets, handbills, pamphlets, etc. are of much less worth when such living organizations exist. Such people give a fresh fillip to the activities of the organization. The life workers and the whole-timers of the Vivekananda Kendra who have dedicated their energies to the cause will speak better about the Kendra through their life rather than through any printed material. Words have limited concept and import; workers who live the philosophy of the Kendra will propagate the objectives of the Kendra more easily than mere printed or spoken words. We must have such workers of quality in large numbers.

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