Friday 10 July 2015

Vertical communication

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji was sick and admitted in Bombay Hospital. He writes about his health to Sri Appaji Joshi, Senior Pracharak of RSS as he continued his correspondence with RSS Adhikaris. We find the letter in quite different tone. He writes   :




Shraddheya Sri Appaji,


            From Eknath Sashtang Namaskar Vinanti Vishesh


            I am writing this letter sitting in a quiet room on the 12th floor of newly built Medical Research Center of Bombay Hospital. I have come here from 28th October for taking rest. You must be remembering that I was admitted in Bombay Hospital at the end of 1970 for the treatment of complaint of blood pressure. That time eminent Dr. B.K. Goyal had done my treatment. Since then he is doing regular check up for me. This time, after the check up he advised that it is necessary to stop tour etc. and should take rest for at least three weeks.


            During my stay at Madras, before the recent Baithak at Hyderabad, that night I suffered a little from a kind of asthma. It might have been because of the gasses due to bit of overeating here and there on that particular day. But the doctor who did my check-up the next day advised me to stop all the tours and take rest immediately. But I decided to get the proper check up done by regular doctor of Bombay and then to decide about what is to be done. On the evening as planned I left for Baithak, for Hyderabad by flight. Of course I told everything to Pujaniya Sarsanghachalak Sri Balasaheb Deoras. As per his advice as soon as the Baithak was over I came to Bombay and under went a thorough check up by Dr. Goyal. He also gave the same opinion after check up and so I got admitted in this center. You unnecessarily should not get tensed due to hearing the incomplete or exaggerated news from various quarters and so I thought it wise to write a letter to you and convey everything.


This letter is only to tell you that there is nothing to worry as such regarding my health and I am here only for taking rest.


            Your visit to Kanyakumari is not yet materialised. I am at Kanyakumari for the whole of December. The weather also is good in South at that time. That period is good for travel. You definitely think over it. Sashtang Namaskar to all the elders. Sadar Namaskar to all the Adhikaris and Swayamsevak brothers. Saprem Namaskar to dear Sri Gopalrao Deshpande, Sri Shravane Master and Sri Babanrao Pandit.




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