Sunday 5 July 2015

Know n take care

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji brings out here the inevitable thing that happens in any organisation. There is nothing special but just a natural thing that in the kitchen, sound of vessel would come.Similarly people who have come from different backgrounds, samskaras, it is but natural to happen that there would be difference of opinions. The care to be taken is to be vigilant and avoid it. Eknathji says : 

An organization is a group of people coming together for the furtherance of a cause. These people, even though fascinated and attracted by the noble thought, have their own propensities, peculiarities, individualities, angularities etc., and so many people have to be together. The organization has to make progress taking all these into account. In such circumstances, the atmosphere is bound to be spoiled either on a big or a small difference of opinion. In a large organization, such disharmony does take place. A discordant note is struck sometimes; but this has to be skillfully and vigilantly avoided.

Eknathji says further gives examples of dust in a closed room or salt deposits on the walls of Memorial. It is the nature of the things to express the need on the part of the human being to keep things neat, clean, tidy. And that attention is brought out here by Eknathji. In spite of the greater care being taken and more attention being paid, there is something in the atmosphere which spoils the situation. Even with all the utmost care, windows, window-panes and doors being locked, there appears some dust on the superbly cleaned furniture and on the floor of the room. One has to be vigilant and must clean the room every day, to avoid the layers of dust being accumulated. Similar is the case of the saline particles accumulating on the Rock Memorial or of the white ants causing harm to the building. These have to be meticulously removed to prevent decay and destruction. So also in the organization precaution has to be alertly taken to prevent injury to it. 

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