Monday 6 July 2015

How to take care of a worker

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji here writes to yet another karyakarta bringing his mind to the necessity of organising work befitting the Kendra tradition. Later he refers to the letter referred initially making him clear to the requisite that he explained earlier in the very first chapter of Sadhana of Service of DETACHMENT. Is it that that one should not be concerned about welfare at home? No. He doesn't mean it but makes him understand the need to develop detachment as the work undertaken is much more serious and needs total attention. A very classic letter from Eknathji....


Dear Shri Sriram,

I am in receipt of your letter dated 20-5-1979.

I am glad that your visit to Roing in connection with preparations for the proposed Children's Rally at that place in September, is fruitful. I hope you are all taking meticulous care to see that every detail of the Rally Programme and every conceivable eventuality is properly fore-thought and nothing is left to chance. In this Rally, though the people in general will be watching the performance of the children trained by Kendra teachers, this Rally will bring to the forefront the capacity to plan and organize on the part of the Kendra workers who will virtually be put to the test on this occasion. I am sure, they will give a good account of themselves.

Now, about the letters you have been receiving from your home. You very well know that no life-worker  worth the name ever thinks of responding to each call from home. By now, you may have also realized that when a worker himself becomes home-sick (or mother-sick or sister-sick) in his field of work, even a casual or customary call from home is likely to assume urgency in proportion to the intensity of his home-sickness. Generally the proportion is 1:10. But, you are a senior Kendra worker and, as such, you are capable of taking an objective view of things, having shed common propensities of the crowd. I should, therefore, leave it to your judgement to assess which call from home is urgent and you should respond to. Of course, if and when you decide to visit home, you will certainly take care that your absence from the field causes minimum disturbance to the programmes in hand.

With regards,
Yours affectionately,
Eknath Ranade

A Karyakarta is to be understood, importance of work is to be placed to him and making him responsible for each action guiding him to take needed decision is to handle
one's own propensities, peculiarities, individualities, angularities etc

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