Saturday 25 July 2015

Pradanam tato'dhikam

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji through Kendra Prarthana tells us Jeevane Yavadadanam syat pradanam tato'dhikam... keep giving more and more as that is what is needed.
We also receive hurts, humiliations, abuses and develop  indifference in life. We should not give back more of these to the society. To avoid such interpretations, in this line, the choice of words is very important. The word used for what we receive is Adanam and the word used for giving far more is Pradanam Tato'dhikam. The word is not Adhikam danam but the word used is Pradanam which means Prakarsena danam – generously giving. It means our heart should be such a mechanism that all that is negative when received is transformed, purified and multiplied and then given back to the society. Nature is like that. It receives all rotten, thrown materials and turns them into manure. The cow eats dry grass but gives us wholesome milk. Thus it is a great principle that needs to be followed in life. Whatever positive we receive, we should give far more than that to the society. Whatever negative we receive, we should transform that into positive and then give to the society. The pain of hurts and humiliation that we undergo should not reflect in our behaviour. It should also not sour our relationship with others, nor should it cast its shadow on our work. Only those who have confidence in their divinity can be like that. It is like Siva – Nilakantha. He drank the poison to save the world. But He also did not allow the poison to affect Him and so the poison remained in the throat.

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