Saturday 31 January 2015

Am I in 4th category?

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Even after discovering the mission, one need to plan out one's life. Mananeeya Eknathji tells us four types of people and prompts us to think as to which category we belong. He says : There are four types of people in the world. The first type is represented mostly by primitive people. They plan for the day only. If there is at least some food for the day, they will not go out of the house to get more but will sleep. They do not thik of the morrow.
The second type includes merchants and businessmen. They plan for one year only. They are indifferent to next year's business or profits. The next year, according to them, will take care of itself.
People who plan for this life only, belong to the third category. These people enjoy this life with utmost pleasures and happiness and do not even believe that there was a past life or there will be a future life. This life is their only concern.
Eknathji draws from Maha-Bharata in the Aranyaka Parva 312.114 - the Yaksha-Yudhishthira conversation wherein the wonder of wonder is told :  Yaksha asks the question, "What is the most wonderful thing in this world?" And Yudhishthira replies,
Ahanyahani bhutani gachchanteeha Yamalaye
Shesha sthiratvam ichchanti kimashcharyam itahparam
"In this world every day people go to the house of death, but still the remaining people believe that they are eternal. What greater wonder than this can there be?" So people of this category believe that they are immortal and they have been born just to eat, drink and make merry.
These all people also live a life, but is it a life of fulfillment? Is it a life of human being? And therefore, the 4th category is also placed for our information. Eknathji says :
The fourth type of the people think seriously. They believe that there was a past birth for them and there is also a reincarnation for them. They look at the animals, birds, reptiles and other creatures and think that they have also been created by God, but He has made human beings having intelligence. Why? What use of that intelligence they have made and they are to make? After many such queries the purpose of their life dawns upon them.
This introspection awakens them. They start thinking of the time, the energy, the opportunity that they have got and seriously plan their life. Eknathji says :
They awaken from a long dream, as it were, and remember that life is very short and the energy given to them is limited. They determine that every ounce of energy should be very carefully utilized for the fulfillment of the purpose. They plan very scrupulously and see that only that which is beneficial to their plan is accepted and that which is detrimental is summarily rejected.
Thus begins a purposeful life!

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