Tuesday 6 January 2015

Purpose of my existence

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

In the process of fulfilling the desires by Purusharthas, one realises that there is somting higher than these all desires. A karyakartas starts his journey to find out the reason of his existence, the purpose of his coming to earth, to this country and even joining the kendra. He realises that world is not a chaos but it is cosmos. Eknathji says "It is not by an accident that the world exists. There is order in nature. The sun rises, the rivers flow, the trees grow, yield flowers and fruits and mountains preserve their steadiness. The vast solar system has the same type of arrangement as is found in an atom. The whole tree with its manifold potentialities is incorporated in a very small seed and the whole universe in an atom. The wide variety of natural phenomena indicates that there is a plan behind all its movements and if it is a plan, it must have a purpose behind it."

If we can not understand the purpose of somthing that we see, it does not mean it is purposeless. As Ekanthji explains "As a matter of fact, we are ignorant. The more we try to learn, the more our ignorance comes to light. There is a purpose behind this plan and nothing is purposeless."

This thought leads a human being to find out his own purpose of life. Abut this Eknathji says "Thus, in this universe all existing things have a purpose to fulfill. If that be so, what is the purpose of my existence? Recognition of such a question is a remarkable and significant landmark in the growth of man. What is the goal of my life? What is the meaning of my life?  Such questions are the most vital questions; all other questions so far discussed or thought about are merely secondary."
Here begins the man making process for which Eknathji started the Kendra.


The main theme of my life is to take the message of Sanatana Dharma to every home and pave the way for launching, in a big way, the man-making programme preached and envisaged by great seers like Swami Vivekananda. - Mananeeya Eknathji

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