Wednesday 14 January 2015

Sarthakata ki or

Welcome back to the path shown by Mananeeya Eknathji to make life purposeful - Matra Safal nahi, SARTHAK bhi.
Prayers for forgiving us for not reaching you all these days

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

The quality of questions that a thinking man gets after seeing the world around are very important for his further growth. Mananeeya Ekanthji places this to Karyakartas who have decided to give their life for the betterment of society and through that realisation of Swamiji's Vision of Jagadguru Bharat. Eknathji says :

In this universe all existing things have a purpose to fulfill. If that be so, what is the purpose of my existence? Recognition of such a question is a remarkable and significant landmark in the growth of man. What is the goal of my life? What is the meaning of my life? Such questions are the most vital questions; all other questions so far discussed or thought about are merely secondary. Till this question is not recognized, man, even though an adult and possessed of high education and abundant wealth, is like a boy who believes that it is the tap that gives water. But when he grows up and has become intelligent he starts the queries from where the water comes and going backward to find the source of the water reaches the Himalayas from where the river Yamuna originates and flows bringing all the water for the towns and the cities on her banks. When questions like why, wherefrom, for what purpose and to what end arise in man's mind he is on the right path. If we can imagine the moment when man first became conscious of his own self, we feel that it was the first landmark in the evolution of man.

The introspective mind makes one astonished to the facts that he discovers. Eknathji says : Man feels astonished when he observes that nothing in this world is permanent; everything vanishes and then what about one's own self? Yesterday, today and tomorrow also do not exist. Then is there anything that is eternal and if it is, what is it? How can it be obtained? A new hunger arises in him. This is the supreme hunger of man, the hunger for the knowledge of the Eternal. This becomes the question of questions in his mind and all others become ancillary.

And with this awakening, Eknathji says : It is worthwhile devoting one's full life to the satisfaction of this hunger. As man develops and makes progress in the right direction, finer and finer desires arise in his mind. Eknathji gives example of Lord Buddha and tells us how noble desire changed the life of a prince to the World Teacher! Such a noble hunger arose in the mind of Buddha. Amidst incalculable affluence and sources of enjoyment he renounced the worldly life to attain the greatest desire in human life.
Eknathji wished that the Jeevanvratis should live life of a true human being. He, therefore, says:  With the recognition of such a question, the true human being is born and starts the life that is really worth living. Thereafter he lives life; before that he was merely subsisting. This real and vital question marks the beginning of a true human life. Unless and until such a question has occurred to anybody, whatever his age, he has not begun his life at all.

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