Tuesday 27 January 2015

Mission of life is hidden in YOU

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Ekanthji says : the human destiny or goal is a settled fact and that there is no compromise in that.
Swamij had said : Whether we will it or not, we shall have to return to our origin which is called God or Absolute. We all came from God, and we are all bound to go back to God. Call that by any name you like, God, Absolute, or Nature, the fact remains the same. "From whom all this universe comes out, in whom all that is born lives, and to whom all returns." This is one fact that is certain. ... Man comes from God in the beginning, in the middle he becomes man, and in the end he goes back to God. This is the method of putting it in the dualistic form. The monistic form is that man is God, and goes back to Him again.
So this is certainty of the life. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, each one is moving towards that realisation of God. Now, as this gets clear to one, Mananeeya Eknathji says that the need is to find out the mission of current life. He says :
Individual mission has to be fixed for reaching that destiny and we do not believe that it can be acquired in one life only. We admit that there is a long chain births and this is only one link in it. Life after life, this soul is marching on a great pilgrimage. The human goal is for the human life consisting of all lives taken together and the mission is for this span of life only.

With the example of Swamiji, he further makes it clear : Swamiji had realized the human destiny; it had dawned on him. But he was not aware of his mission to reach the goal. He discovered it here at Kanyakumari.

Every individual has to discover the mission, one day or the other.

Ekanthji purposely uses the word "discover" because it is not to be found out after a search from outside. It is within you, it is covered because of the absence of a definite goal.

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