Friday 23 January 2015

Need of Master Plan for life

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji advises the karyakartas that Life is short so do not waste time and energy but focus them to pave the way for next higher life

A great philosophy of life which can be actualised with determined efforts has been told here by Eknathji giving practical steps in realisation of the ultimate goal of lie. He says : This life must pave for the next higher life. But this life is also very short. One has to utilize it in the best possible way, with powers granted to him by God, within the short period at one's disposal. One has to march on the life's way towards the end with the help of five Jnanendriyas (the sense-organs) and five Karmendriyas (the organs of action). Life is a gymnasium where you have to display the best that you possess within the short time allotted to you. You have to be extremely careful to see that the time and the energy are not wasted and that the way for the next higher life is paved by you. So we are to take care of God given instruments of Jnanedriyas and Karmedriyas and with that the Time and Energy. The more we are in a position to look into these four aspects, remain careful in utilising them and orienting them to the avowed goal, we have taken care of the steps. That should assure us that we shall reach the goal. The 3Ps of Swamiji - Purity, Patience, Perseverance- need to be given proper thought minute to minute.

Eknathji further says about the necessity of Master Plan for this life which is in hand. As for a building, master plan is prepared which helps all to make optimum use of all available resources, so is with life too. Life has to be made purposeful and lived for a specific purpose and for that usage of the four factors has to be under proper consideration:
Human life is a combination of time and energy. The five sense organs viz. ears, skin, eyes, tongue and nose consume energy for listening, touching, seeing, tasting and smelling and the organs of action viz. Hands, feet, speech and the two senses of excretion also utilize the energy for their activity. Thus the organs of understanding and of action are instruments. There is also the eleventh organ, mind. But all these organs are time-bound, there is a limited time for them and they have to do their best in the allotted span of life. They have to pave the way for the next life and build one's future. The goal is not to be reached in one life, so one must move from target to target and therefore a master plan for this life is most essential. We should live for a specific purpose, lead a purposeful life.

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