Friday 30 January 2015

Mission is discovered

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Eknathji gives the simili of our human body and tells us that let it not end up with the story of maintenance. He says : This body is an energy-generating machine. We maintain it very carefully. We brush the teeth early morning and we call it morning duty. Thus maintenance is duty. We give food and water to this body for its upkeep and so many other things are done for the same purpose.
With all these duties done to body, do we become Nachiketas? An introspective mind should get questions about the utility of all these limbs and various parts of our body. Each one who grows from deh-buddhi to Atma-buddhi gets questions like : But what is the output? We maintain the body throughout the entire life. But no work, no operation, no function, no output? Why are these eyes, teeth, ears, etc. given? What is the purpose? Have I realized the purpose? And if so what steps have I taken to serve the purpose? And if so what steps have I taken to serve the purpose?
The quality of questions also changes. From limited I and my body, one starts thinking about the very birth. Ekanthji says :
Why I have been born in India only and why not in Africa or in some other country? This land has given me so much, what is my contribution in return?" One must be in a position to say at the last breath, "I have not lived in vain. I have given much more than I have received. There is no liability on me. On the contrary, I have assets to my credit".
And with such questions, the real Man-making begins. An effort is done to know the genesis. One starts moving upwards and starts finding out the secret of life. This stage comes in the life of each one. And that is the deciding stage. Here Mission of this life gets clear to individual and then he progresses fast. Eknathji observes : 
In childhood question of the mission does not arise, but in youth, after so many queries the mission is discovered, then the real life starts. There we must start planning in right earnest.

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