Saturday 24 January 2015

One Life One Mission

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||
Eknathji's manly advice to all :
You must refuse to be a slave of circumstances. You must create circumstances.
And for that understand the realities of life : Time at your disposal is very short. There are hundreds of Arts and Sciences; we cannot even think of them, leave alone the idea of even knowing them and much less the idea of mastering them. Life is short and knowledge is vast. So we must choose the proper mission and utilize the whole life for it. "One life, one mission" should be the ideal.
And if this is to be achieved, then we have to keep in mind the geet : saj-dhaj kar aave aakarshan, pag pag par zoomate pralobhan, hokar sabase vimukh batohi, path par sambhal sambhal chalata hai...jeevanbhar avichal chalata hai...There are a number of attractive things in life, but if they do not fit in with the master plan that we prepare for the accomplishment of the mission, we must refuse them, however good they may be. Thus, we must possess the discrimination of selection and election in life. There are many people who have not decided about their goal even at the age of sixty, when it is the evening of life and death is just knocking at their doors. Life should not be like a person who goes to a huge library, sees so many books, reads none and gathers no knowledge. Here Eknathji's own experience is worth remembering. It shows how he himself mould his life to be a purposeful one : Mananeeya Nivedita writes in 'Eknathji' : Eknathji went to Belur Math, Calcutta in March 1962, for studying Swami Vivekananda's Complete Works and to cull out the required ideas and message to make appealing presentation. When Eknathji entered the library, there were many good books on the lives of Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda and many of the direct disciples of Sri Ramakrishna. There were books also about their teachings and inspiring conversations with other devotees. There was a great temptation to read those books. Even if he were to scan some of those books, it would take at least a few months. A worker always faces this dilemma. Selection between bad and good is easy but the selection between two good things is very difficult. However, a person with an aim in life has to select between good and good at every stage in life. Temptation is not only from the bad things but also good things and he might lose time in pursuing them. Reading all those books in that library was good, but his time would have been lost, and the intended book would not have taken shape.

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