Sunday 18 January 2015

What transforms hunger?

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji having seen life from various angles goes deeper into the very thought as to there are ordinary people, extra-ordinary also. At the beginning there is not much difference in their lives. But what is that that makes one's life Great. He says :
Hunger has no chronological or hierarchical order. It is not that the hunger will arise only when certain worldly things are enjoyed by you. The prince hood, an empire, a beautiful wife and children, when all have been enjoyed, one thinks of the other world! No, it does not happen in this way. As we have already seen, human hungers have no end; and the variety of hungers in each type is so enormous that one will be in a position to enjoy them even in one life. But when the thought of the higher realm rises in mind, only then it is possible to change the course of one hunger into another form. Otherwise enjoyment of hunger is not going to satisfy one's desires; on the contrary, it goes on shooting up.

With the example from Mahabharata about the fire, he says :
Fire is not quenched by the addition of fuel; instead, it blazes forth more vigorously.
Na Jatu Kamah Kamanam upbhogena Shamyati
Havisha Krishvartmeva bhuya eva abhivardhate  (Verily the desire does not quench by the enjoyment of desires. It increases enormously like the fire by offering) The same is true of hungers. The only way is to transform the hunger into a higher form just as energy is transformed from one type to another. The sublimation is possible provided there is hunger. If there is no hunger at all what is to be converted? Thus the conversion of hunger into any other noble form can be accomplished if there be any hunger, even of a gross type.

The example of Sant Tulasidas is with us. How by giving upward direction, an ordinary, lusty man became a great saint. Man's life should have this upward orientation and that upper thought, greater thought would make one great.

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