Saturday, 9 August 2014

Who wants God?

Swami Vivekananda says :
Do you think that all this mass of people in the world want God, and cannot get Him?
That cannot be. What want is there without its object outside? Man wants to breathe, and there is air for him to breathe. Man wants to eat, and there is food to eat.
What creates these desires? The existence of external things.
It was the light that made the eyes; it was the sound that made the ears.
So every desire in human beings has been created by something which already existed outside. This desire for perfection, for reaching the goal and getting beyond nature, how can it be there, until something has created it and drilled it into the soul of man, and makes it live there? He, therefore, in whom this desire is awakened, will reach the goal.
We want everything but God. This is not religion that you see around you. My lady has furniture in her parlour, from all over the world, and now it is the fashion to have something Japanese; so she buys a vase and puts it in her room. Such is religion with the vast majority; they have all sorts of things for enjoyment, and unless they add a little of religion, life is not all right, because society expects it; so they must have some religion. This is the present state of religion.

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