Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Universe is the Manifestation of Love

Swami Vivekananda Says:

The Universe is the Manifestations of Love :
The lover has passed beyond all these things, beyond rewards and punishments, beyond fears and doubts, beyond scientific or any other demonstration. Sufficient unto him is the ideal of love, and is it not self-evident that this universe is but a manifestation of this love? What is it that makes the atoms unie with atoms, molecules with molecules, and causes planets to fly towards each other? What is ti that attracts man to man, woman to woman, woman to man, and animals to animals, drawing the whole universe, as it were, towards one centre? It is what is called love. Its manifestation is from the lowest atom to the highest being : omnipotent, all-pervading, is his love. What manifests itself as attraction in the sentient and the insentient, in the particular and in the universal, is the love of God. It is the one motive power that is in the universe.
Unattached, yet shining in everything, is love, the motive power of the universe, without which the universe would fall to pieces in a moment, and THIS LOVE IS GOD.

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