Thursday, 14 August 2014

Love - Love that is God

Swami Vivekananda says :
Ekoham Bahusyam

Love- Love is God : "None, O beloved, loves the husband for the husband's sake, but for the Self that is in the husband; none, O beloved, ever loves the wife for the wife's sake, but for the Self that is in the wife. None ever loves anything else, except for the Self." Even this selfishness which is so much condemned, is but a manifestation of same love. Stand aside from this play, do not mix in it, but see this wonderful panorama, this grand drama, played scene after scene, and hear this wonderful harmony; all are manifestation of the same love. Even in the selfishness, that self will multiply, grow and grow. That one self, the one man,  will become two selves when he gets married; several, when he gets children; and thus he grows until he feels the whole world as his Self, the whole universe as his Self. He expands into one mass of universal love, infinite love - the love that is God.

Thus we come to what is called Supreme Bhakti, Supreme Devotion in which forms and symbols fall off. One who has reached that cannot belong to any sect, for all sects are in him. To what shall he belong? For all churches and temples are in him. Where is the church big enough for him? Such a man cannot bind himself down to certain limited forms. Where is the limit for unlimited love, with which he has become one? In all religions which take up this ideal of love, we find that the struggle to express it. Although we understand what this love means and see that everything in this world of affections and attractions is a manifestation fo that Infinite Love, the expression of which has been attempted by sages and saints of different nations, yet we find them using all the powers of lanuguage, transfiguring even the most carnal expression into the divine.

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