Thursday 28 February 2019

Chhatrapati Shivaji - 8

Pune nails have the power of plough! And ploughs have the piety of gold!

Pune, once ruined by Adilshah's troops, and its surroundings region turned fortunate. Jijua started work with great enthusiasm. This small Jehagir started functioning under Shivaji's banner. Dadoji Konddeo was always there to help her. They gave heart to people to once again set up heaven in this barren land. They helped people every which way to enhance farming. Hulls, bulls, wells, seeds....whatever was required was available to all needy farmers. Nobody was given cash money, as farmers spend cash for anything. Farmers were made self-sufficient. Men started working with zeal and challenge. All this was begun with great fanfare in Pune. One hull was fitted with golden plough and Pune's earth was tilled four steps. A golden plough run by Bhonsale mother and son was tremendous encouragement to the farmers. Earlier the Sultan had ploughed destruction, now farmers ploughed for prosperity. No farmer would now be hungry. Put your minds to earth. Pearls would grow.

Puneites themselves took care of horrible disturbance of tigers, foxes, and such wild animals. Beautiful small dams were getting ready. Jijau herself started dispensing justice. Absolutely unbiased. Robbers and dacoits troubles lessened. Towns were set up. Fields flourished. Farmers earlier hungry and kicked by shah's army now came under Shivaji's benevolence and happily laboured and ate full meals. Temples shone calmly in lamplight. Mothers and daughters in households, cattle in shades, and fields and farms lived free of fear. Everybody came to realise Raje's noble mission, future freedom. Pune Jehagir was a small gift handed over to Shivaji, but this small gift was nurtured and flourished under the enthusiastic support of everybody. To nourish a kingdom and a family, to embellish it one needs enthusiasm. One who is not enthusiastic should not rule or start a family!

To be continue......

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  1. This picture is wrong
    Actually jijau masaheb was with maharaj not dadoji