Wednesday 27 February 2019

Chhatrapati Shivaji - 8

Light the fire, will shine when lit!

Shivaji was already being trained in marksmanship and use of other small and big arms. Sharp intellect and eagerness to learn made him master everything very quickly. He was also taught reading and writing. He was slowly getting accustomed to physical exercises. He could jump like a deer with ease.

More than all this was one skill he knew instinctively. The art of knowing and winning people over. He spoke sweetly. And treated others lovingly. So everyone thought that Shivaji was his own king. Minds were comming together like this. When two minds converge with one aim, then even mountains are split. So what of arrogant enemy?

Raja worshipped his mother. Jijua was his whole life. Not keeping her word was like crossing the line of no return of him. But more than things like devotion, love, ethics his hand etched to draw his sword for demonic and Sultani attitude right from now.

To be continue......

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