Tuesday 26 February 2019

Chhatrapati Shivaji - 7

Power gets kingdom! Ideas perform

Shivaji started growing up. He listened to the epics... Mahabharat, Ramayan and the Puranas. He understood Hanuman's Power and ingenuity and Shakuni's cunningness. Master archer Arjun and Dashratha's son Lord Ram sharpened their swords on Shivaji's heart. He could see the vsion of Guru Vishwamitra. He could also see the heads of Ravana flying in the sky and the the Vanar-Sena's victory of Lanka.

As a child Shivaji became fond of these epics. Later Brahmin scholar Keshavpundit Purohit gave discourses to Raja. Raja was nurtured on these epic works.

In these ancient books Raja saw the image of Sultan who kept the Marathas busy fighting amongst themselves to rule. His heart was captured by Goddess Ambika who vanquished the demon, Mahishasur. And Bhandasur conqueror Goddess Jagadamba. It was as if the forts imprisoned with Sultans chains were screaming,"Oh, Godess Jadamba, open the Gates!"

To be continue......

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