Friday 1 March 2019

Chhatrapati Shivaji - 10

Nurtured  by mother and Natured ! Shivaji acquires royal stature!

Shivaji was growing under  Jijau's loving wings in Lalmahal and Dadoji's tutelage  in the  valleys and cliffs of Maval land, learning ,playing . The Sahyadri around whispered thoughts of complete freedom in Shivaji ears. Baji  pasalkar ,Mankoji  Dahtonde ,Bapuji Narhekar and such senior swordsmen trained him and armed him. He was equally interested in the red earth of the gymnasia,horse riding pastures ,ground s of weaponry  and strategic meetings and discussions. He became expert in weapons .  In the Lalmahal and in temples he would get engrossed in listings to epics and mythology ,politics and justice ,sciences and sayings.On the ground he would get fully engrossed in the horse riding ,spear throwing ,sword welding,aiming ,running, long jumping, playing hide and seek  in difficult mountainous terrain. Sometimes would mount  an elephant. His  mind and body was getting ready.  He became very fond  of people and the terrain of Maval. He loved  them.

Raje treated everyone with love. His behaviour was playful. But his dignity never slipped.He remembered  recognised  everyone he came in contact. He greeted everyone fondly. Everyone loved him. Everyone felt that Raje belonged  to him. Scared   and fed up of Sultan's tyranny  the Maval folks starting bonding to Shivaji with love. Minds started  becoming one.

In the company of Dadoji Konndeo,Sono Viswanath Dabir , Balkrishanpant Mujumdar and Jijau, Raje started understanding  the intricacies of politics. In the cunning machinations of  Sultan, simpletons did not  survive and would never  survive . Raje understood this. Cunning Shaukins  survived but  Dharamraj  of righteous conduct was defeated. Astute Krsna was needed .He fully understood the loyal and hard-working poor peoples mentality. Their love was his  strength.

To be continue......

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