Saturday 2 March 2019

Chhatrapati Shivaji - 11

Today's Dream, tomorrow's reality! Dreams with wings of ability!

Shivaji turned ten. This was marriageable age at that time. Jijau fixed Raje's wedding. The girl was very sweet natured and of attractive looks. She was the daughter of Phaltan's Naik-nimbalkar. Her name was Saibai. Marriage was solemnised on 16th May 1640. Soon Rajes left for Bangalore to meet Shahajiraje.

By this time the profile of Pune Jehagir was greatly transformed. This was probably the glorious dream of freedom of the Maval land and Sahyadri. People experienced freedom in this small Jehagir. Jijau, Shivaji and Dadoji Konddeo arrived in Bangalore. Sahaji was overwhelmed with happiness and appreciation. During this journey Shivaji became better acquainted with the condition of the country, the people and the region of Sultans. The experience in Vijapur filled his heart with loathing. Every moment just one sentiment kept blooming in this mind...Freedom! Enough, we no more want to stay in Sultan's slavery. Our country, our flag, our leader, our troops, and we would hold our heads high. We would creat a self-rule of dharma, hard-working people, and culture. This idea took hold of Raje completely. Even Shahajiraje realised that this Sun's luminance could not be hidden in darkness.He bid Jijau and Raje to proceed to Pune, and gave them his blessings. The returned after two years(1642).

And dreams of freedom were seen amongst friends from Maval, in valleys, temples, and forests. While playing, studying, visiting temples, in fact all the time Raje and his companions were obsessed with one thought.....freedom, good reign, and good dharma. The volcanic-born Sahyadri was waiting for this pious uprising by Shivaji. He was very keen to get immersed in the red colour of freedom. Shivaji's dreams and strategies were forming the Sahyadri's heart. Shivaji worshipped Sayhyadri. Really, Sahyadri had volunteered to accept the command of Raje's future war.

To be continue......

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