Tuesday 5 March 2019

Chhatrapati Shivaji - 14

 Win the world; urge the drums ! Take steps like Trivikram's !

The news of Shivaji's adventures reached Vijaypur. Carried by the fort commander of Shubanmangal, Miyan Rahim Muhammad. Entire Vijaypur was  astonished by the reports of Raje's rebellion. Sultan Adil Shah first could not believe it. Rebellion against the mighty Adil Shah rule? That also by a fresh kid? What guts? Impossible. Like butterflies attacking a cannon. However  as a first solution, Sultan sent threatening edicts to the revolutionaries, but nobody paid any attention to these royal commands. Shivaji was bent upon creating Swarajya. It was ordained such a sovereign should be created.

Suddenly there was a tragedy. Dadoji Konddeo was expired due to old age. Expert politician, planner, strict disciplinarian, stern but loving  old man left for his heavenly abode. Raje's support went. (7 march 1647) Entire responsibility fell on Raje's shoulders.

Within a few days Raje pointed a finger to Fort Kondana. He gave the responsibility of capturing Kondana  to Bapuji Mudgal. Shah's fort commander ,Siddi Amber , manned the fort. Bapuji managed to win the fort by subterfuge, without spilling a single drop of blood. Immediately Raje pounced on Shirval's fort Shubhanmangal. The fort was captured. Miyan Rahim Muhammad lost the fort and went to Vijaypur empty handed. Meanwhile jawli's Daulatrao Chandrarao More died. He was royal general of Viajypur durbar. He died without a heir. Shivaji of his own accord one Yeshwant More the widow's  adopted son and declared him Jawli's,' Chandrarao'. All these events were shockingly scandalous to Badshah. He felt that this fire definitely needs dousing, Wit this firm decision; he made a diabolic plan. To imprison Shahjiraje!

Raje was engrossed in his activities. But a sinister disaster loomed.

To be continue......

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