Monday 4 March 2019

Chhatrapati Shivaji - 13

Grand Style and Smart bearing! Has Rajgad the macho fort king!

Shivaji and all his cronies were eager to make he first strike on Sultan's reign. Oaths were taken. Only Shivaji's signal was awaited. This signal was as dangerous as holding a lighted torch to an ammunition store. It was a risky venture. Revolt against a powerful emperor. However Raje was supremely confident. Exact estimate and accurate thought was alert and crouching in his mind. This signal had the backing of prayers to Lord Shiva. And of Krsna's philosophy. His just one gesture would have awakened the sleeping volcano in Sahyadri.

And one day RAje gave the signal. Lord Shia in Maval rose holding trident. Power goddess emerged carrying hundreds of weapons. Bursting the anthill of three and a half centuries, breaking manacles, and wiping out false ideas of loyalty, this Indra's elephant emerged giving victory shouts. The Earth and the sky were witnessing a surprising miracle. A revolt on the signal of a kid! This storm advanced to fort Torana. Maval troops reached behind Shivaji. The Maratha sovereign flag started flying on Torana. This huge fort neglected by the Badshah fell into Shivaji's palms. While setting up the fort Raje came upon a huge cache of riches. Goddess Bhavani's blessings.

And everybody's aspirations took wings. In the northest of the fort at 3 kos was mount Murumbdeo. A new strong fort was proposed there. each moment was aupicious.Construction of the fort commenced. The capital of sovereign state was to be made here... Rajgad.

Ambition knows no rest. Raje and his colleagues worked tirelessly to strength the freedom. What enthusiasm. What determination. Even Vishwamitra, the creator of world would be astonished. Yesterday's boys were ready to turn the hands of time in any direction they chose.(May 1646)

To be continue......

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