Thursday 7 March 2019

Chhatrapati Shivaji - 15

So you care for your husband? Come on ahead and plead!

Caught and arrested by deception, Shahaji was sent to Vijapur like a common thief or dacoit. Afzalkhan was given the task of taking him. Happy with Raje's arrest, Badshah was sure that the rebel Shivaji would definitely surrender. He immediately despatched Fateh Khan with an army to Pune. To stamp out the rebellion and also to arrest Shivajiraje. Khan had with him five to seven thousand troops. He left to conquer Swarajya. (End of July 1648)

Completely engrossed in making new ambitious plans, Shivajiraje and Jijau had absolutely no inkling of this horrible disaster. Reports of Shahaji's arrest and Khan's advance followed one after the other like bolts of lighting. Enter Rajgad shook with this news. Adilshah had snatched Jijau's lord! And second noose was thrown to kill everyone including Swarajya. As if Badshah had thrown a question to Jijau, "State what do you want! Your husband or sovereignty? And demanded from Shivaji the same answer, "Speak! You want your father or sovereignty?"

What now? Whom to save? Revered father or Swarajya? Only surrendering at Badshah's feet can save Father! Otherwise death to all! Whom to save and whom to let die? Both are equally precious, and revered. What a Solution! What an utter disaster. Adilshah's this poser shocked all ambitions, all intelligence, strength, all plans, oaths and politics. Afzal Khan carted Shahji towards Vijapur. At the same time Fateh Khan advanced towards Swarayjya like an emissary of death. What to do? Worry smouldered like a funeral pyre. Now plea, appeals, requests, and shouts were directed to the original power, Goddess Bhavani! Impart strength, provide inspiration, grant some mantra, suggest some technique, give power. Rise, rise!

To be continue......

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